5 stars

Love this show so much it just keeps getting better!

Positive and laid back

Loving this show so far. It’s nice to break out of the seemingly constant negativity in the world today. The hosts keep things light and enjoyable. Still, it’s plenty interesting enough to keep my attention as well. Discovering new music is a pretty big plus too. Well done!

Great Show!!

I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning, what makes this podcast awesome is the connection to all types of singers , songwriters ect….. very cool guests ,and nice to hear a laid back real show that’s not over produced . Episode with Driver Williams was epic and I look forward to all the future shows!! Nice Job!! Good Luck!! Jeremy M

Excellent podcasts

Aaron has a large variety of guests with connections to the music industry. Writes, singers, managers. Great interviews. Look forward to each week’s podcast.

Great show!

Great host!

Must listen for country fans

This is a great podcast who has a fantastic host with incredible guests!

So freaking good!!!

Great show!!! Clearly a music persons podcast! Great stories great guest great music just freaking great!!! Keep it up!!

Awesome show!

Love this show! And the host has a passion for music and the stories it creates! ❤️🎶🙌🏻

Driver Williams

Awesome show with Driver Williams and enjoyed all of his stories!

Love it

Amazing Show and Host

Awesome podcast!

Great guests on this podcast and well produced as well! A must listen!


Fantastic show. Keep up the awesome work!


Been listening since almost the very beginning. Such a great show with great guests and a down to earth host!

Great podcast highlighting conversations about the love of country music

I’ve been listening to this podcast since episode one and it continues to get better and better. The conversations are great and word is spreading as the podcast continues to get heavier hitters from the industry to come and share their stories and thoughts on their love of music and their chase to realize their dream. Highly recommend checking it out and supporting the podcast!

Great show

I love listening. Very well put together show

Great podcast for music lovers!

I love hearing Aaron go into detail with so many special guests. Interviewing fans, songwriters, and artists, He takes us on a journey through so many memories. We get the depth of how a song was created, a fan’s perspective on how it made them feel, and an artist singing the very songs they created. It’s a full circle experience that I recommend everyone tune in for!

Great Podcast

Awesome podcasts with amazing topics and info!

Awesome podcast!

Aaron brings it every show w Gainin’Fast on Memphis! Love the stories, finding new artists and of course learning more about the Choir!! Keep it up! 😎

Great Show for music fans!

Thanks Aaron for all the great guests!

Church Family

Shriver is top notch! Awesome job bringing together the Church Choir and introducing us to new music!


Aaron is amazing he’s always got interesting people on and has some funny stories! Super proud of him for branching out and doing something like this!

Entertaining and Interesting Music Makers and Music Lovers

Host Aaron Shriver and his team take you on a great journey each week asking great questions and getting into fun stories of each of his musical making and music loving guests! It’s an hour you won’t regret! Great entertainment!

Great Show!

Love this show! Awesome guests and Aaron is a pretty amazing guy!

Great show & guests

Always great dialog with his guests. You get the inside scoop of the lives of singers, songwriters and those in the business.

Enjoy this show!

I’ve been a listener since the beginning, love the guests!

Gainin Fast on Memphis

Love Aaron ,his shows are great The guests keep getting better by the week

Great show!

As a fellow “Podcaster” myself and a longtime listener of the GFOM pod I love tuning in to what Adam has to say each episode! Always holds a great conversation with great guests that flows very well! Keep up the great work!

Love this show!!

Amazing show & Amazing Guests

Amazing Show!

Love seeing who Aaron will interview next.

More than just a fan...

Aaron’s interest in music, musicians, and the fans is like nobody else’s I’ve encountered. He reminisces with guests about their memories connected to the melodies so many of us share. I look forward to seeing music lovers (including the Church Choir especially) in his lineup each month. Until the next show...