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Join host Aaron R. Shriver as he takes listeners/viewers on a journey through his Music Interview & Positivity promoting podcast, Gainin' Fast On Memphis Aaron began this podcast in 2019 because he was a long time Eric Church fan and a proud member of the Fan Club "The Church Choir”. He wanted to share his love and appreciation for music and the artistry behind songwriting, along with any positive influencers who wanted to share their story. Aaron has made a few close friends along the way, and each week he interviews those friends. Some are fans, others are singer/songwriters, or just someone motivated with a positive attitude that connects Melodies to Memories. Each guest shares personal stories and memories of their journey, sometimes performing their music. Most recently his wife Jillianne has moved into a co-host role joining Aaron providing the audience with a female perspective. As the show continues to grow additional projects have emerged including a concert review and positivity driven blog and Merchandise! Gainin’ Fast on Memphis The Podcast goes live every Monday at 7pm central on Facebook and YouTube, and is available on all streaming services the next day. Join Jillianne and Aaron for a new guest every week!

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