June 20, 2022

What If I Don't - Eddie Ray Arnold | Single Review

What If I Don't - Eddie Ray Arnold | Single Review
Eddie Ray Arnold singer and songwriter native to Colorado, grew up surrounded by hunting, fishing, and country music from the age of seven. Arnold who is signed with Emanant Music Group now resides in North Georgia with his wife and kids. The sharpshooter is no stranger to several other hobbies including firefighting, DJ'ing, preaching, and windsurfing. The jack of all trades took a twist with his new single "What If I Don't" which was released on June 6th. Conventional to singing positive lyrics such as "Beautiful Day", Arnold contrasted his newly released single from "Rock Your World" to "What If I Don't." The first verse paints a portrait of what one would portray as classic country music that escalates into an upbeat, hip-swaying melody. "Sometimes I think I'm crazy, and I don't know what I should do" is a relatable stand-out lyric that leads into the harmonizing chorus. This single displays composure with a strong instrumental finish. 
"I'm also not trying to be an outlaw or something else, I'm not trying to fit into a box."
Arnold has taken many stages with his most recent performances at The Scoreboard and The Local both located in Nashville. Upcoming shows are scheduled for Saturday, July 2nd at Willa Dean's Tavern in Hartwell, Georiga, and Saturday, July 16th at The 2022 Cox Music Series downtown Toccoa, Georgia.

Written by John Kennedy and Bryson Jennings

Engineering by Kyle Hershman, Chas Childers, and Skip Benicky

Production by Chas Childers

Recorded at The Sound Kitchen & Emanant Studios

Background vocals by Malissa Duval

Drums by Robert Blair

Bass by Chris Autry

Acoustic Guitar by Justin Weaver

Electric guitar by Aaron Currie

Keys by Chas Childers