Jan. 17, 2022

New Single & Surgery for Aaron Lewis

New Single & Surgery for Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis has been making waves in the Country Music world, you may know him from the band STAIND, but it’s the lyrics that have been making Aaron Lewis a force for over 20 years. Country Music is nothing new to Lewis, listen to “Tangled Up In You” From STAIND’s 2008 album “The Illusion Of Progress”. He was writing Country Lyrics for over twenty years now. His 5th studio album ‘Frayed At Both Ends” will be released on January 28th, 2022.

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Aaron Lewis has already released a few songs off the new project including “Pull Me Under”, “Goodbye Town”, “Get What You Get”, & his Smash “Am I The Only One”. This album was already shaping up to be one of Aaron Lewis’s best to date, & then he dropped his new single “Everybody Talks To God”.   

Co-Written with former Trick Pony member & Songwriter Ira Dean, Lewis pens a song about his faith and maker. Lewis has always shown his faith in his music. That is what makes him relatable in his lyrics. He connects with his fans on their level, he is not afraid to talk about things we face every day. “You can thank him, you can blame him Either way, you're gonna face him Whether you believe in him or not In the end, everybody talks to God” Those words hit me, because everyone does face a maker in the end, & it’s what you do while on this earth that will stand out. It’s true Aaron Lewis is a love him or dislike him artist, but songs like these show how he has been touching lives with his music since the late '90’s. I know as I get older & look back on the last 20 years of Lewis’s Lyrics, they have helped me deal with some real-life issues that we have. ‘Everyone Talks To God” is exactly that, an eye-opening song that hits deep & makes you think about your time on earth now.

While dropping a new single Lewis had emergency surgery to have his appendix taken out, posting a photo from his hospital bed giving us 2 fingers up to say he is ok. "No more appendix and no shows this weekend but AFL is out of surgery, and doing just fine," Lewis had to cancel 3 shows over the weekend in Iowa, Kansas, & Missouri. He returns to the road on January 21st, in Florida. Catch Aaron Lewis locally when The Frayed At Both Ends Acoustic Tour swings into Rockford, Il on Thursday, February 17th at The Coronado Performing Arts Center.