March 23, 2022

Morgan Wallen Sells Out Bridgestone For 3 Night Run

Morgan Wallen Sells Out Bridgestone For 3 Night Run

Here we are nearly a month and a half after Morgan Wallen kicked off his Dangerous tour in Madison Square Garden, coming into Nashville for 3 Sold Out nights in Bridgestone Arena. Wallen being a Sneedville Tennessee native only 4 hours away from Nashville, definitely gave a hometown feel to this tour stop, and as usual any “hometown” stop wouldn’t be complete without bringing some pretty close friends out with you. 

HARDY Performing "SOLD OUT"

The 3 night run kicked off on Wednesday night with Larry Fleet & HARDY who are the opening acts for the first leg of the tour. The first guest to surprise the fans in Bridgestone was from Lauren Alaina who came out to perform HARDY’s first #1 “One Beer”, along with opening the set with his newly released “SOLD OUT” got the crowd pumped and ready to see what Morgan can bring to close it out. 

Morgan Opening The Night With "Sand In My Boots"

Morgan opened all 3 nights with his hit “Sand In My Boots” rising up from the front of the stage playing solo with just a piano. Then picked the tempo up with “Somethin’ Country'' to bring the crowd up to speed on the high intensity they were going to see him bring to the stage. Midway through the show Morgan slowed it down playing his hit version of the Jason Isbell song “Cover Me Up” before bringing on his friends. 

Wallen Lights Up Bridgestone With "Cover Me Up"

Wallen's first guest was none other than one of his closest friends, ERNEST. Together they performed their song released in December “Flower Shops” and some lucky fans were able to catch a bouquet of roses from both singers. Next up, Morgan brought out the first opener of the night, Larry Fleet, to duet on Fleet's hit song “Where I Find God”. Country Legend Ronnie Dunn from Brooks & Dunn, who came out to perform Morgan’s song “Talkin’ Tennessee” before, duetting the Brooks & Dunn hit “Neon Moon”. After walking Dunn off the stage HARDY surprised concert goers by rising out of the stage and singing “He Went To Jared”. Morgan then played a few more songs before closing out the main setlist he had one more surprise for everyone, while performing “The Way I Talk” Jimmie Allen walked on stage for the last guest appearance for the night. Keep in Mind this is all just on the first night. 

Wallen Performing "Flower Shops"

Thursday night brought the second night in Nashville for the Dangerous Tour. Just like the night before HARDY brought out the first guests of the night for his #1 song “One Beer”. This time it wasn’t Lauren Alaina but was Lainey Wilson who performed the hit song with him. Morgan Wallen opened the show the same as Wednesday but something was different this night. “It feels good to be here,” Morgan Wallen said, his first time addressing the full capacity after just playing three songs into the set. “Last night we had a show and it was a really good crowd, but you guys are louder already.” The near-deafening crowd erupted as the Dangerous singer settled in for night two-of-three at Bridgestone Arena, an accomplishment that has him joining the ranks of just three other country acts to-date: Garth Brooks, Eric Church and Taylor Swift. Wallen followed in the same footsteps as the night before bringing out his first surprise guest for a duet with Larry Fleet with “Where I Find God”. While the crowd was loud and rowdy at the beginning of the show they were able to get even louder. While he was performing “Quittin Time” midway through came a figure from left of stage slowly approaching and it was none other than one of Wallen’s biggest inspirations for what he does Eric Church. If you’re a fan of me you know how big of a fan I am of this man right here, so I appreciate y’all coming out here.” Church had just finished playing his set right up the road at the historic Ryman Auditorium before coming to surprise the sold out crowd. They finished the song together before playing one of Eric’s career defining cuts off of his Carolina record “Smoke a Little Smoke”. Wallen is also set to open for Eric along with ERNEST at the “One Hell of a Night” concert in Minnesota on June 11th. HARDY came out to close out the guest list performing “He Went to Jared”. Wallen performed his biggest song from his first album “Whiskey Glasses” to close out the night.

HARDY & Wallen Performing "He Went to Jared"


Larry Fleet & Morgan Wallen Performing Fleet's Hit "Where I Find God"

Night 3 brought the same energy as night 2 did, Larry Fleet opened for the 3rd night and after performing hits such as “In Love With my Problems”, “Stack of Records”, and “Where I Find God” from his debut album. He also performed a cover of “Give me the Beat Boys” by the Doobie Brothers. Before exiting the stage he thanked the crowd for letting him perform and listening to his songs, and to be ready for “HARDY to melt your faces off and then for Morgan to come and melt the rest of them off.” That’s exactly what HARDY did. He opened with his rock song “SOLD OUT” where it felt like it blew the roof off of Bridgestone. He brought with him for this night special guest Ashland Craft to perform “One Beer”. HARDY also performed fan favorites “Give Heaven Some Hell”, “4X4” and the Blake Shelton hit that HARDY wrote “God’s Country”. Morgan came out in his usual cut off sleeve black button down shirt rising up from the stage playing a piano solo of “Sand In My Boots”. After 8 songs into the set during “Country A$$ Shit” there was a fan in the crowd that was able to get a signature from Wallen. This fan wore Wallen's high school baseball jersey, and he appeared more than thrilled to sign this for her, which added to the hometown feel of these shows. The one thing that made this show different from the other two was in the same fashion Morgan brought out Larry Fleet for the “Where I Find God” duet, and HARDY for “He Went to Jared”. Earlier in the night before Morgan took the stage concert goers got a surprise by Thomas Rhett who just was hanging out in the crowd watching the show, but would also be on later in the night to perform “Whiskey’d My Way” which he helped co-write. Jason Aldean even came out to support his friend Morgan. The duo performed Aldean’s song off his first album “Hicktown”. When Morgan came back out for the encore he had one more surprise for the fans in Bridgestone. As he came back on stage the intro for “Broadway Girls” started and of course the place erupted and just a little bit into the song out walks Lil Durk to perform the song with Wallen. 

            Thomas Rhett Joins Wallen                          Wallen & Aldean Sing Aldean's

              For "Whiskey'd My Way"                                      Song "Hicktown"


Lil Durk came out to help Morgan Surprise All the "Broadway Girls"

With these 3 shows at Bridgestone, Wallen showed how much of a mega-star that he has become, and this show didn’t disappoint. Whether joined on stage by special guests, or slowing things down with just him and his guitar singing “Cover Me Up”. Wallen proves he can put on a big show and entertain a sold out crowd. This show has everything from a fantastic light show, graphics on the screen to detail his songs even further, and of course some pyrotechnics. If you decide to see Morgan Wallen on any stop on the Dangerous tour you're bound to not be disappointed!