Luke Combs Long Awaited 3rd Album Growin' Up

Luke Combs Long Awaited 3rd Album Growin' Up

Luke Combs has released his long-anticipated 3rd studio album, his follow up to the 23-song sophomore album (with the deluxe songs) “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get”, to say this 3rd album has a lot to live up to would be an understatement considering his 2nd album had a record breaking seven No.1 singles off of it. Luke was a co-writer for all 12 songs on this album and features most of his usual co writing pals like Ray Fulcher, Drew Parker, Robert (Rowdy Rob) Williford, The Brothers Hunt (Dan & Reid Isbell), and many more.


Combs titled this 3rd album as “Growin’ Up”, as you listen to the album as a whole you can see how the title is very fitting starting with the first track & single for the album “Doin’ This”. This song sets a story of Luke (or any up and comer with a dream of chasing music) being in an interview and being asked what he would be doing if he didn’t make it to where he is now. Which is detailed in the song how he’d still be “Doin’ This” and working towards making his neon dreams come true. Later in the lyrics you hear the answer to why he'd still be “Doin’ This”. “It ain’t about the fame, It ain’t about the name, It ain’t about the glory.” But to Combs no matter if he was singing in bars still or selling out football stadiums (which he is), it’s always been about the fans, his band, and the songs he loves and gets to share with us.

Written By: Drew Parker, Luke Combs, & Robert Williford.


“Any Given Friday Night” follows up and describes what you’d see in just about any little, small town Friday night being young and free. This song gives an insight to how most small towns are on a Friday night from pouring alcohol in a route 44 cup to circling up at the Dairy Queen (round here was the Walmart). This song will probably make most think back to their younger days and all the hell they got into in their younger years.

Written By: Jonathan Singleton, Luke Combs, & Randy Montana.


“The Kind of Love We Make” is the Luke Combs’ equivalent to Eric Church’s “Wrecking Ball”. This is a different sound for Luke, I get some R&B mixed in with country vibes on this song. I would not be surprised at all if this isn’t Luke’s next radio single and will be without a doubt his next No.1 if he does release it to radio.

Written By: Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell, Jamie Davis, & Luke Combs


Something you don’t get on most albums anymore is a good fishing song. Craig Campbell, Brad Paisley, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, & now Luke Combs. “On The Other Line” changes the tone of the album following “The Kind Of Love We Make”. Coming from a very romantic and intimate song goes into one where him and his woman are fighting and she then calls to mend things, but he needs to “click over” for the largemouth that’s on his other line.

Written By: Dan Isbell, James McNair, Luke Combs, Randy Montana, & Thomas Archer.


“Outrunnin’ Your Memory” is the long-awaited song people have been waiting for since Luke released his track listing. It is the only duet on this album and features none other than Miranda Lambert. Luke & Miranda’s voices mash together almost perfectly during their lines together one voice doesn’t seem to overpower the other. The song details both sides of a lost love but seeing them in everything they are doing and the difficulty of trying to outrun the memory of the other person. You can feel Miranda’s vibe in the beat of the song and the lyrical flow being she was one of the co-writers for this song.

Written By: Dan Isbell, Miranda Lambert, & Luke Combs.


“Used To Wish I Was” was the song most of his “Bootleggers” were awaiting to hear the most, this was an unreleased song that previously could only be heard acoustically. It makes you reminisce of the things you used to wish to be doing as you are growing up and wanting to do what your idols did. For Luke, he wanted to grow up to be just like his idols from Dale Earnhardt to Chipper Jones doing the things they did but is glad how he turned out the way he is now “pickin his guitar in the evenin.”

Written By: Deric Ruttan, Jonathan Singleton, & Luke Combs


Want to just remember exactly what it felt to just live life without a care in the world when you were young and didn’t have a care in the world? That’s what “Better Back When” does. Just doing wild and crazy things like stealing a keg from a frat party, or just working to just purchase tickets to hear your favorite song at a concert. When you sit back and think on your lifetime truly does add a little shine to all those long-gone memories.

Written By: Dan Isbell, Luke Combs, Randy Montana, & Ray Fulcher


“Tomorrow Me” was the second release from this album following up “Doin This”. This song has a very George Strait vibe to it and no surprise there as one of the co-writers is none other than Dean Dillon, who has helped write some of the biggest hits for George. This song really does go into what most people feel with the roller coaster that an on again off again relationship can bring. “So maybe we should let yesterday be”. “Cause I gotta live with tomorrow me”. Saying they should both let the past be in the past and knowing how his feelings will be the tomorrow after being together for the night.

Written By: Dean Dillon, Luke Combs, & Ray Fulcher


Luke goes and gives us his best 90’s, honky tonk throw down song with “Ain’t Far From It”, this song picks the tempo, talking about throwing down with your woman on the dance floor. I get a very Brooks & Dunn “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” feel on this song. Honestly, it’s refreshing to get a 90’s country vibe on an album.

Written By: Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell, Luke Combs, & Ray Fulcher


Ever have that love and hate relationship with someone, may have been a previous hookup from a bar? That’s what you get with this song. “Call Me” shows just that where a possible old flame calls him everything in the book to her friends, but at the end of the night she’s still gonna call him on a lonely drunk night.

Written By: Jonathan Singleton, Luke Combs, & Shane Minor


The song Luke has named his upcoming tour from “Middle of Somewhere”. This song can make just about anybody feel great about being from a small town. The song just gives you that feeling of why most people are proud to be from all these little towns. The “Sweet and slow and simple” places can be the best places to be. And while most would call it the “middle of nowhere”, this song reminds us that a lot of us call those “nowhere” towns… home.

Written By: Jonathan Singleton, Luke Combs, & Randy Montana


To finish the album out is the song that has seem to become a fan favorite and Luke’s personal one from this project “Going Going Gone”. This gives another aspect to “Growin’ Up” title in realizing sometimes no matter how bad you may want someone in your life you it’s just not meant to be, and you need to let them go. This song is gonna be another hit for Luke if it gets a radio release or not it’s sure to be one that every fan at any show will know every lyric to. It’s also always a hit when his friend and fellow artist, Ray Fulcher, co-writes it. This song is also the first time Luke has played guitar on an album which he shared on a previous interview.

Written By: James McNair, Luke Combs, & Ray Fulcher


Luke didn’t miss with this album. No, it’s not a 20-track album or a deluxe edition, but honestly that’s what makes this album better. You have time to digest the songs and the album isn’t watered down. I think Luke shows more of his range in what he’s able to do with his co-writing. He also shows he’s not afraid to step out of the box a little bit with a few tracks on this one. I believe this album just as his last two have showed, Luke has a very good and long career ahead of him, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for him. Maybe we will get a double album to accompany this one? One thing is for certain Luke will continue to be for the fans and do his best at keeping them happy while giving us some great music while doing it.


Catch Luke on Tour

July 7th Cavendish Beach Music Festival: Cavendish, PEI

July 8th Festival D’Ete International De Quebec (FEQ): Quebec City, QC

July 9th RBC Bluesfest: Lebreton Flats- Ottawa, ON

July 23rd Buckeye Country Superfest: Columbus, OH

July 30th Mercedes-Benz Stadium: Atlanta, GA

September 2nd & 3rd Maine Savings Amphitheater: Bangor, ME

September 16th & 17th Resch Center: Green Bay, WI

September 22nd & 23rd Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys: Lake Tahoe, NV

September 30th & October 1st MVP Arena: Albany, NY

October 14th & 15th North Charleston Coliseum: Charleston, SC

October 21st & 22nd KFC Yum! Center: Louisville, KY

October 28th & 29th CHI Health Center: Omaha, NE

November 4th & 5th Mohegan Sun Arena: Uncasville, CT

November 12th Videotron Centre: Quebec City, QC

November 14th & 15th  Scotibank Arena: Toronto, ON

November 17th Canadian Tire Centre: Ottawa, ON

November 18th Bell Centre: Montreal, QC

November 21st & 22nd Budweiser Gardens: London, ON

December 9th & 10th Paycom Center: Oklahoma City, OK