Jan. 4, 2022

Locked Inside A Haunted Pool

Locked Inside A Haunted Pool

       Locked Inside A Haunted Pool

Have you ever heard the expression to be a "fly on a wall"? A few weeks ago, Jillianne & I found ourselves in that very moment. We were at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. We were there to cover Still Matthews opening for Jelly Roll. If you are not familiar with the Rave, it is an old 1926 Athletic Club. In the basement of this massive seven level, 180,000 square foot building is a, yes you guessed it a Swimming Pool. Of course, it's empty, has been for decades. All around the walls are the ink of all our Hero's, our Influences, and all of our peers. It's eerie, the vibes are bone chilling & the acoustics make it one of the best for capturing the perfect vocals of an already spine tingling song. Haunted? That's up to you to decide. I'm just going to say when you mix in Music with the Energy that's in that basement, something out of this world is manifested that could very well be called a spiritual experience. We got lucky to have one. 


That night Singer/Songwriter Jon Langston was playing the Eagles club inside the same building. Jillianne & I were touring the pool area with about twenty other people at the time. We stopped to take in the moment Jelly Roll signed his name to the wall. When Jill & I turned around the group we were with had vanished back into the dressing room area & the door closed behind them. Did we just get Locked Inside a Haunted Pool? & Alone? We turned the other way to see Jon Langston and two others from his band inside the pool filming a clip for his Socials. Just then they started singing his 2021 smash "Try Missing You".

(Photo Taken By: Aaron R. Shriver | Mac Miller Ink)

If you have followed the last 2 years of my life, you know I've done a 180 & changed a few things around. I just recently hit 2 years without alcohol, & it's songs & lyrics like this one that speak to me in many ways. This song is one that paints the stories of my life. Jillianne & I looked at each other and got lost in the lyrics

"I Don't Know Where I'm Gonna Be Tomorrow Truth Is I'm A Little Lost Right Now Smoke & Whiskey, It Don't Fix Me Like You Always Do"

I was Connecting Melodies & Memories with my best friend, lost in that moment we took in every second. Hair standing on our arms we just stared at each other with smiles & a tear or two. Just like the first night we met sixteen years ago at Country Thunder. It was music then that brought us together & it's music that still affirms our bond. Langston's voice and those lyrics were everything we didn't know we needed. It was one of the moments where I fell in love with my Wife all over again. We then hurried and got back with Jelly Rolls Camp before we really did get locked inside that pool.

(Picture From Jon Langston Instagram Reel)

It goes to show you that even at 16 years, Music is still the spark that brings us together. It’s one of our common bonds we share. Thank you, Jon Langston, for a memory we will never forget, & easily one of my top ten moments in my life.

If you haven't checked out "Try Missing You" by Jon Langston, I highly suggest heading over to Spotify and giving it a download. 


Click Here For Jon Langston's Instagram Reel From That Night