Jan. 8, 2022

Josh Kiser - Whiskey Wins

Josh Kiser - Whiskey Wins

Josh Kiser – Whiskey Wins

It’s only days into 2022, & “Whiskey Wins” is a heavy “Song of The Year” favorite. Josh Kiser is a Powerhouse, & this might just be his best yet. Kiser teams up with Greg McCollum & Trent Fisher for a song that hits me hard. This past December I hit two years of no Alcohol. It’s not that I had a drinking problem, I just was one to let the “Whiskey Win”. The first verse alone hooks me with lyrics like, “An Ounce of Courage and a Gallon of Sin”. That brown liquor courage got me through a few Nashville Nights. One of the toughest lyrics for me was “You Don’t Have To Fight Alone” A lot of people struggle, and one thing you need to know is you are not alone. Music connects the world, it’s the common bond that brings people together. Sometimes, when you feel like you are fighting alone, put on some of your favorite songs & dig into those lyrics. You could always put on “Whiskey Wins”. Josh Kiser continues to blow us away with each lyric he writes. We have a feeling it will be a BIG year for Kiser, & we can’t wait to be there for it all.

If you feel like you are fighting alone, DM us. No one should ever feel like they are alone.

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