Feb. 16, 2022

GFOM: Songwriters on the Rise | March 2022 | Hunter Thomas Mounce

GFOM: Songwriters on the Rise | March 2022 | Hunter Thomas Mounce

Welcome to our new feature GFOM Songwriters on the Rise. Each month our team will be looking for new songwriters who are making waves and are showing true talent. We will introduce you to them and the songs they write that have such poetic meaningful words or are just fun and relatable.

Our first Songwriter on the Rise is Hunter Thomas Mounce, this Kansas City native is grinding as a Singer/Songwriter & Hendersonville Firefighter. I first heard of Hunter when attending Raised Rowdy’s “Rowdy On The Row” a few of us had on Eric Church t-shirt’s which caught Hunter’s attention. Hunter is a fellow Church Choir member, & you can hear the Chief influence in his music. He still credits Eric Church Nissan Stadium record-breaking concert as his #1 live show to date that he has seen. The lyrics that Hunter Thomas Mounce delivered during this round made more than a few of us fans for life that night. After digging into Hunter’s back catalog, it was the traditional country sound that had me hooked song by song. This is someone who you want to check out & follow. We expect big things from Hunter & can’t wait to see what 2022 brings him.

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We stopped in to see Hunter make his debut at the Nashville Palace & get a few photos for this write-up. On a night when the crowd was looking for mostly cover songs, we got him to pull out one of his originals & my personal favorite song of his.   

The song that hit me was “Kindergarten Rodeo Clown” one of if not Hunter’s most personal songs. He wrote this song for a childhood friend that he lost way too soon. This haunting song is one that would hit you hard if you lost someone close, someone, you can always count on. The connection with melodies & memories is like painting pictures with his lyrics.

“We were in that church talkin’ about his life
In front of all our family and friends
How much we’re all going to miss his smile
Don’t know if it will ever sink in
My old friend had his last go-round.”

This is a song that will be here long after any of us will be, & people will be connecting with the lyrics for many years to come. Procountrymusic.com caught up with Hunter & asked his thoughts about the song

“Kindergarten Rodeo Clown” is the most personal song I have ever written. In the back of your mind, you always wonder if people are going to love songs like these as much as you do. When you write a song that is so close to your heart, you just want people to care about it in the same way you do. I feel very blessed that people responded the way they did,” says Mounce.

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Check out our video from the Nashville Palace of Hunter Thomas Mounce singing “Kindergarten Rodeo Clown”

Want more Hunter Thomas Mounce, he has launched his own podcast

“Folks Like Us”

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Hunter Thomas Mounce started the charity F.I.R.E. Boot (First Initial Response Eminent) for families that are affected by fire. After a family suffers a tragedy, they are often left to ask, “What’s Next?” Fire Boot offers hotel rooms, groceries, clothing, or anything else you may need.

If you are interested in donating to Fire Boot, please click the logo below.

You can catch Hunter Thomas Mounce with Jobe Fortner, Matt Jordan & Mike Suvaka as they raise money for his charity Fire Boot on Thursday, March 10th, 2022, in Chicago.

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