Aug. 2, 2022

Bree Jaxson "One Way Street" Single Review

Bree Jaxson "One Way Street" Single Review
Bree Jaxson, Afghanistan combat war veteran, and Deputy Commander and Captain for Cyberspace Operations in the U.S. Air National Guard recently released her new single "Two Way Street."  The simple, intimate instrumentals carry out as Jaxson's silky vocals showcase the pain felt with "Good morning fake smiles." The track has a continuous angelic tone with the admittance of "I think I finally see the light" later resulting in an uplifting realization, "Ride or die is a two-way street." The pureness of Jaxson's voice adds realism to her pertinent lyrics.
Jaxson has served the past ten years in the United States Air Force and she is currently active at the United States/Mexican border. With a recent promotion to Captain, Jaxson is leading 167 service members. She remains persistent with her musical career while defending her country. On behalf of Gainin' Fast On Memphis and myself, Thank you Bree for your continued service. 
“Being able to serve our country and ensuring the freedoms and liberties that have been fought so hard for are still obtained today, has given me the greatest experiences of my life. Knowing that I can provide not only my family, but families all around the U.S the comfort to know that people are fighting for them, makes every deployment, every goodbye, and every welcome home worth it. My music is a healing process for me while I am deployed or have to say goodbye for now.” -Bree Jaxson
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